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The Harriman Utility Board is dedicated to providing utility Electric, Gas, Water, and Sewer services to residential, commercial, industrial, and public facilities..

Our sole purpose for existing is to provide present and future rate payers with friendly, safe, reliable, efficient services at the lowest rates consistent with fair compensation to employees, safety for the public and employees and protection of our environment.

The key to ongoing success is a total organizational commitment to our rate payers and to each other. That commitment is based on integrity, honesty, and openness in dealings with our rate payers, suppliers and each other.



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****** PUBLIC NOTICE ******

September 14, 2018

HUB Electric Rates Changes for October 2018

Dear Valued Customer:

As both your neighbors and partners in the continued growth of our community, the Harriman Utility Board (HUB) regards maintaining reasonable rates as one of our most important commitments. We are now, and will continue to work tirelessly to improve infrastruc ture and practices towards stabilizing your rates. Beginning October 1, 2018, the aver age residential electric cus tomer will see an increase of $6.76 on their power bill each month. This estimate is based on an average monthly usage of 1,084 kW h. Depending on your usage, your incr ease could be more or less of this amount. Similarly, our GSA 1 (small commercial) customers will see an average increase of $6 .93 per month based on a usage of 964 kWh. READ FULL DOCUMENT

****** PUBLIC NOTICE ******

In order to provide a reliable electrical service for its customers, as well as ensure safety considerations for the general public and its employees and contractors, the Harriman Utility Board (HUB) has adopted the following policies regarding our Recurring Trimming and Right of Way Maintenance Program. HUB strives to provide an enduring impact on a growing community through exceptional service. An ever-present and leading threat to this mission is the growth of trees and other vegetation in proximity to electrical system infrastructure. The purpose of HUB’s Recurring Trimming and Right of Way Maintenance Program is to minimize service interruption and damage to utility lines and equipment while providing safe, reliable electric service at affordable rates......(Right of Way Policy)


Our water meets all of EPA’s health standards. In 2017, we have conducted tests for over 50 contaminants that may be in drinking water.  As you’ll see in the chart.... more


*** Utility Scam ***

“Please be aware of a scam involving a person claiming to be a HUB employee calling and stating that you are behind on your utility bill, and will be cut off unless you call a 1-800 number and make a payment. Please keep in mind HUB payments can only be made by: calling 1-866-999-4586, or 865-882-3242 (option 3), at www.hub-tn.com, through the SmartHUB app (apple or google) or at our office. Payments made any other way will not be received by HUB. As always, HUB thanks you for your cooperation and we remind you to always be careful giving any personal information on line or over the telephone.

*** Hotel/Resort Scam ***

Please be aware of a scam involving a call appearing to come from "Harriman Utility Board" as well as other local businesses. The call will have a person claiming to be an employee of that business and stating that you have recently stayed at one of our resorts.These are scams.
As always, HUB thanks you for your cooperation and we remind you to always be careful giving any personal information on line or over the telephone.


If you are using a mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet) to view or pay your bill online; you MUST use the Smarthub App. You can download and install the app for "FREE" at "AppStore" for Iphone/Ipad users and "Playstore" for Android users. You can click on the appropriate link below:

Apple IOS Users: Iphone or Ipad

Android Users: Android Phones or Tablets


We would like to take this opportunity to respond to some of the comments........
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Some Facts and Myths about Utility Rates & Practices


"The workmen were courteous and had the old wires off (the) house and quickly removed the broken pole. They had a new pole installed in a short time even though it entailed finishing the work after dark..." more

Linda C.


"I don’t know what you all have done here in Wartburg…but you have definitely done something wonderful! . . ." more

Annette N.

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